Hi! If you got this far, I might as well introduce myself briefly.
My name is Alessandro, I like freedom, nature, and open spaces where I can breathe deeply.
I like to guess the stories behind the people I meet on the bus;
I love stroking my cat, and spending evenings by myself watching a good movie.
I love cuddling and being in love, but also crying out of true love.

My best wedding moments

If you are here, it means that you are getting married, that you are intentioned to be together.
And so you have chosen to permit somebody to narrate this moment.
You are letting me enter your life and for this you trust me.
You give me you trust because you know that I craft your memories with descretion: these memories will accompany you for all you lifetime, they will touch you every time you share them with your beloved.
Tell me about your dreams and wishes.
Tell me how you want to create them and together we will talk about how to make them come true!