Switzerland is one of the most fabulous places in the world. The beauty of alpine landscapes is combined with green of landscape, just like in a dream. Switzerland is the home of the most beautiful views in the world, breathtaking landscapes with blue lakes, woods, streams, meadows, in short, is a great adventure park with amazing attractions. Snowy mountains, lakes, waterfalls, vineyards, city and plenty of green valleys follow each other, a wonderful decorum both in winter as in summer.

But I had never seen such a place before, Lavertezzo in the Canton of Ticino. A magical place, in the midst of mountains, among woods, canyons and water bodies. I was enchanted. A canyon crossed by waters colour emerald . A bridge with sinuous and delicate shapes. Striated rocks in a variety of colours. Lush mountains dotted with small houses in dark stone. And it is here, in this magical place that Brian and Jessica have decided to spend their vacation and take advantage of this breathtaking place for a photo shoot, getting special shots.

But I want to talk about Lavertezzo, which offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. We have followed the easy and comfortable path that runs along the river, crossing silent woods and uncontaminated nature sections of a disarming beauty. A beautiful walk, relaxing and visually stimulating. Lavertezzo is completely immersed in nature and offers a unique spectacle for the eyes and soul, it is difficult to see elsewhere a river with so clear water and such bright colours. The not to be missed destination of Lavertezzo is undoubtedly the Ponte dei Salti, which stands on the Verzasca river and allows you to enjoy an exciting panorama.

A beautiful experience, a magnificent journey. I leave you with my pictures to remember that beautiful day.