Thinking about the Tuscany you can not help but turn our mind to the rural and unspoiled landscapes, seen always in the pictures. The Tuscany and a popular destination for thousands of tourists every year. Between the various landscapes, we find that of Arezzo, a city with a very large and varied territory. Architecture, history, art, culture and the beautiful landscapes of Chianti, are part of this city. Furthermore, Ester and Alessandro live in Arezzo, and how not to choose this fantastic city as a location to celebrate their wedding?

The wedding of Ester and Alessandro is a joy for the eyes! For the big day, the newlyweds have chosen the atmosphere of their greatest passion, the Tennis! A sports wedding, a bit unusual, but extremely elegant. The details are perfectly cared for with beautiful white peonies, with a touch of yellow to recall the yellow tennis balls.

Wedding celebrated in the Cathedral of San Donato, Arezzo.  Majestic cathedral, located on the top of the hill where rises the city. The ceremony was held amidst the emotion of the newlyweds and guests, in an atmosphere of joy and emotion. In addition to the exit of the Cathedral, a big surprise, friends and family holding tennis rackets, ready for the passage of the newlyweds. The photo shoot took place in the streets of the old town. I've photographed them during a romantic stroll among the stalls of the antique market, under the warm light and enveloping of a Tuscan summer and it did not take long to realize the portraits of couple and the traditional wedding photos. Ester and Alessandro were beautiful, very happy, and were looking forward to celebrating with their guests.

We have reached the location of the wedding, E.Vento in Arezzo. Welcomed by a rich buffet, followed by an excellent dinner prepared by Chef Briganti, continued to celebrate with music, wild dances and a game of tennis! They and their families were adorable throughout the day of the wedding. In conclusion, it was a wonderful Tuscan wedding, full of emotions and beautiful people.