Switzerland is one of the most fabulous places in the world. The beauty of the alpine landscapes is combined with green breathtaking landscapes, just like in a dream. Switzerland is home to the most beautiful scenery in the world, with blue lakes, forests, streams, meadows, a large adventure park with extraordinary attractions. Steve and Julina, currently living in New York, have always dreamed to have their elopement in one of their favorite places, Zermatt in Switzerland. When they contacted me to ask me if I was willing to fulfill this great dream, I was thrilled to accept their proposal. From the moment I reached them the magic began: many soft snowflakes began to descend and cover the beautiful alpine landscape. In winter even engagement sessions are more romantic and the snowy scenery is an incredible backdrop for the photos. I chose to make a photoshoot that would combine portrait poses and spontaneity because I would have enhanced them to the best in their usual gestures and laughter. Steve and Julina are a sweet and funny couple. They have an incredible ability to convey joy and happiness to everyone, with them you can only have fun and be happy with them. The white of the snow is the protagonist of these shots, it gives a light that caresses the bride's face and makes her ethereal. Cold tones, snow and ice, infinite beauty. Today's engagement session is one of poetic and refined. With this mood and the white snow as inspiration, the result is these photos, ethereal and romantic.