Wedding Proposal in gondola in Venice | Renato and Selenia

Wedding Proposal in gondola in Venice | Renato and Selenia


” Renato&Selenia – 24 March 2018 – Venice “

Today the atmosphere is very romantic! I love wedding proposals. I can not help but imagine the excitement of future spouses in seeing each other in these shots! It’s not the first time I’ve published such a service and the main ingredients are a wonderful city and an extraordinarily loving couple!
This time I am in the wonderful Venice, the protagonists? Renato and Selenia.

Honestly: what could be more romantic than a wedding proposal in gondola in Venice? There are so many locations and works of architecture, that in planning the service there is to lose his head. But it was beautiful and very romantic, obviously Selenia was unaware of everything. A surprise, to say the least, successful.
Think about how wonderful it is to have such photos, to keep for a lifetime and proudly show them to your children and grandchildren…

Venice being an almost exclusively pedestrian area, we walked among the best points for photos, in the middle of narrow streets and along the canals less frequented by tourists. From there we continued with a walk along the Canal Grande to the famous Ponte dei Sospiri and Piazza San Marco, and then get lost in the narrow streets of Venice, with their beautiful bridges and picturesque views. It was great to photograph this couple between the stone streets and the hundreds of bridges of the lagoon city. I left them to their love and smiled thinking that once again I took part in an unforgettable moment of life.