Positano is a magical place, Kyle and Emy have chosen a fantastic place to celebrate the wedding, a place where all is possible, the place that like the Sirens hosted on the islands of Gauls, never stops to seduce those who come here. Positano view from the sea looks almost like a shell, streaked with different colors. From the green of the mountains to the white, pink and yellow of its houses, the silver pebble beaches and the blue of its sea.

Throughout the Amalfi Coast, you can breathe the scent of lemons, the enchantment of a land with more unusual implications. Surely full of passion and romance. I was fascinated by the mix of places, colors, and flavors that the Coast could offer me. I am particularly attracted by places that can offer a varied territory, not homogeneous, everything to discover. Where every day you are amazed by things that are always different.

The Coast should be experienced more than being visited, tasting the scents, flavors, environments, the warmth of the sun, living an experience that in the Coast is really unique, and absolutely not replicable anywhere else in the world. The Amalfi Coast is a journey of flavors, colors, and views in a land suspended between sea and sky. Positano is famous for its fashion and known as "vertical city", a characteristic that frames the colorful houses perched on the hillside.

Another important piece of the landscape is Villa Oliviero. And it is here that Kyle and Emy celebrated the wedding, a wedding with an evocative and above all romantic atmosphere. A villa overlooking the sea for a dream wedding. Villa Oliviero, overlooking Positano and its splendid sea with a game of panoramic terraces with incomparable charm. Its splendid swimming pool, its terraces interspersed with columns and balustrades, the trees that poetically pop out here and there. They are all enchanted spaces that make a wedding unique.

At the end of the celebration of the wedding, an aperitif was waiting for us on the terrace. Terrace from which you can enjoy the view of all the islands of the Gulf and be enchanted by the colors that light up the sky at sunset. A unique wedding location in the world, overlooking the sea and the beach in an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. I really hope that these photos will do justice to your smiles and complicity.

Immensely happy for yours "I do "