A Colourful Wedding in the Mountain | Ausserberg Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most fabulous places in the world. The beauty of the alpine landscapes is combined with green breathtaking landscapes, just like in a dream. Switzerland is home to the most beautiful scenery in the world, with blue lakes, forests, streams, meadows, in short, a large adventure park with extraordinary attractions.

Uwe and Stefanie are lucky enough to live in this magnificent, enchanted place that leaves a mark. An indelible memory in the heart. Uwe and Stefanie decided that the Swiss Alps would be the perfect setting for their wedding. The bride and groom’s idea was to create a festive atmosphere, a colourful wedding, lively and informal wedding. They have created spontaneous layouts and bold colors, with touches of pink, purple and green to give a natural and sparkling. A mix of intense and delicate flowers in perfect balance.

It ‘been a Catholic wedding, that of our couple, celebrated in the quaint church of the village. During the ceremony, friends and family were excited in seeing Uwe and Stefanie that they united in matrimony. After the embraces and kisses of guests is the time of the festivity, very specials!  Songs, dances and music were the protagonists of this colourful wedding. Swiss folk music played by the local group. At be a part of this group, also our bride who has performed together with the group, guiding him.

I really enjoyed capturing the story of this beautiful couple, testifying so much love, friendship and kindness, which makes heart smile, and makes you simply feel happy and honored to be part of it. Being a wedding photographer is really the best job, I hope, that the photos of this colourful wedding of Uwe and Stefanie, set in sunny Valais, will illustrate what I mean … Have fun!