Tuscany! Among the many destinations in Europe, it is undoubtedly the most fascinating. I will never tire of photographing you until couples come here to get married in front of your impressive views. It’s time for another wedding in Tuscany. The protagonists of today, are two wonderful people and very in love, looking for a rustic outdoor wedding, where you can breathe all the magic atmosphere of this region. Ludovica and Arnaud chose the month of July for their wedding. They could not choose anything better! The Tuscan landscape is colored intense yellow, passing from red with shades of copper, perfect colors for portraits at sunset and dreamy photos in the countryside.

Ludovica and Arnaud chose Montepulciano as their wedding location. A special, enchanted village, perfect for discovering Tuscany and celebrating a beautiful wedding. Montepulciano is a corner of paradise immersed in the green hills of Val d’ Orcia, in a landscape of incomparable beauty. From this height, it is easy to get lost in the green Tuscan hills, olive groves and vineyards and cypress trees that pleasantly mark the entire landscape. Romantic and refined, it perfectly expresses the essence of the Tuscan countryside. Between its alleys and squares, you can rediscover glimpses of village life. Another important part of the cultural, religious and architectural landscape of Montepulciano is the Church of San Biagio. It is here that Ludovica and Arnaud celebrated the wedding, a wedding with an evocative and above all romantic atmosphere.

The wedding of Ludovica and Arnaud was, first of all, a great celebration. A simple event but with a particular taste. It was evident from the ceremony that all those present would have done somersaults to not miss a minute of their wedding. Family members and guests gathered around this beautiful married, smiling and happy couple.

A relaxed and loving afternoon, a lovely couple surrounded by people full of joy for this union. This is the recipe for a fun and exciting wedding. Friends and family celebrated this beautiful couple of lovers while the sky was tinged with light blue and then blue. An after-dinner dinner full of fun put the end to an unforgettable day.