Genna and Mike have decided to spend their holiday in Florence, have called me because they wanted to have a wonderful memories of those days, a photo shoot of couple at florence, getting of the special photos. Images that have immortalized their holidays through the streets of the historic center of Florence. Florence is traditionally a romantic city, favored by couples who want to spend a pleasant holiday of love. The Tuscan capital is in fact a triumph of places where you can walk hand in hand with your loved one.

A photo session in Florence has never been so easy and natural. The feeling between the two was visible and was transmitted with incredible empathy in every situation. In addition to being an extremely handsome couple, what most stood out in these two boys was the deep feeling that bear each other, feeling that illuminated their smiles and their gestures. We met at Villa Bardini a unique and charming place, especially for its beautiful garden, but also to enjoy a truly extraordinary view of Florence.

The history of the Garden of Villa Bardini is the story of a part of Florence: four hectares of woodland, garden and orchard garden in contact with the medieval walls of the city. The garden of Villa Bardini has been defined as “the garden of the three gardens” because it is the result of the union of three different gardens that have developed from the fourteenth century to the present day, with elements and characters completely different. Still today they are easily recognizable: the large central baroque staircase with statues of stone and decorated walls, the English-style woodland with the dragon channel and other fountains to the west and the agricultural part to the east. In short, a heritage that is part of the city of Florence, an emblematic place in which the exchange between man and nature over the centuries has been particularly significant.

After a few shots at Villa Bardini we reached the center of Florence. Photographing for Florence, the streets are always very picturesque, streets full of history and incredible stories, and it is difficult not to find some photographic ideas to take pictures of couple.

A small tour through the streets of Florence, exploring the beauty of this incredible city. What has come out of it is undoubtedly an extraordinary job, which I am really proud to show you. Their energy and complicity has kidnapped me.