Snowy Wedding on the Dolomites | Cortina D’Ampezzo


” Tommaso&Giulia – 3 March 2018 – Cortina d’Ampezzo “

Tommaso and Giulia have decided to celebrate their wedding in the snowy mountains of Cortina D’Ampezzo. Cortina is considered by all one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is also known as the “Queen of the Dolomites” because of its unforgettable mountains, which have been declared a World Heritage Site.

A snowy wedding is always a rare and exceptional event, the spirit of the newlyweds who choose to celebrate their wedding on the snow, is already so out of the ordinary, as the spirit of celebration, everything is more relaxed, fun and friendly. The snowy wedding of Tommaso and Giulia has the majestic setting of the Dolomites and a simple and refined elegance that has conquered me.

Being a destination wedding photographer take me in very different places in Italy and sometimes abroad, this give me the opportunity to get in very unique situations and challenges to solve, that’s means much more creativity and ideas. As a place for shooting, we inevitably chose the mountain, because it is a bit their natural habitat. In the middle of nature, nature offered by this beautiful village, a beautiful and enchanted panorama.

A wonderful day, thanks to Tommaso and Giulia, thanks to your fun family, you welcomed me with open arms. Thanks for giving me this opportunity, I am happy for you, immensely happy with your “I do”.

Snowy Wedding on the Dolomites | Cortina D'Ampezzo