-Funny faces and much love-

“Vivian & Marcus family – Florence – 27 December 2016”

A small tour through the streets of Florence, exploring the beauties of this amazing city. Vivian and Marcus contacted me, explaining that they were in Italy for a tour of the major cities, especially Florence, and they wanted a beautiful memory of those days,  a photo shoot of family at florence, getting of the special photos. Images that have immortalized their holidays through the streets of the historic center of Florence.

Being able to capture photographically the accord of a family is  rare, complicated and fascinating. They are people who love each other and get in touch with them is a mere matter of feeling. I prefer to portray while joking, laugh, play or tease. As it happened with Vivian, Marcus and two children.  The babies, have enchanted me with their thousand expressions funny and contagious smiles, among endless kisses of mom and dad, they have been patient to my shots. My job was to capture some spontaneous and pleasant pictures, having fun together. The photographs were taken in the center of Florence, long walks taking advantage of the beautiful sunny day.

The photo shoot of family in Florence is started  from the Piazzale Michelangelo gardens where you can admire the beautiful panorama offered by the city, from here one can see the greatness of Florence, with its magnificent monuments, gardens, with his art that leaves a mark indelibly to the people who visit it. The tour continues through the streets of Florence, streets full of history and amazing stories. In this way the children have felt at ease all the time of the shooting. An afternoon with friends, smiles and much, much love. It was a pleasure for me to share for a few hours this intense happiness.