South Tyrol offers an incredible natural variety, where Mediterranean characteristics - wide and sunny valleys covered with vines, apples and even palm trees - coexist with wilder and typically alpine features such as mountain flora and Dolomite peaks. It is one of the most fabulous places in the world. The beauty of the Alpine landscape is combined with breathtaking green landscapes, just like in a dream. It is a natural environment of great beauty, dotted with wide pastures, picturesque pyramids of earth, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls. It is home to the world's most beautiful views, breathtaking views, a large adventure park with extraordinary attractions. A precious heritage that must be preserved, an invaluable treasure. If to all this is added a beautiful young and madly loving couple, the day can only go well.

A wedding to remember absolutely. She is South Tyrolean he of Valencia, have decided to celebrate their wedding in Novacella. A truly extraordinary couple, beautiful and madly in love. A very special family, their love for the couple is immediately perceivable from the first encounter, from the first words we exchanged. Ricardo and Carmen chose the Abbey of Novacella, the perfect setting for their wedding. A jewel of peace and faith in the mountains, overlooking the village with its Romanesque bell tower. During the ceremony, friends and relatives were excited to see Ricardo and Carmen joining in marriage. The newlyweds thus exchanged the votes and the rings between the tears moved by the guests.

After the hugs and kisses of relatives, the time for feast has come. Ricardo and Carmen chose Hotel Lodenwirt to celebrate their wedding with friends and relatives. Hotel Lodenwirt is the key word if you are looking for a hotel in the Dolomites. A short distance from the beautiful hotel in the Dolomites, scattered in all directions, you will find the most beautiful corners of South Tyrol. An oasis of peace and wonderland, a location with breathtaking views.

A truly entertaining wedding with endless opportunities to take special photos. This album will surely be the way to go back to your memories, to relive that moment, the unique and unrepeatable moment of your life. It will also be the way to remember the moments in which you looked at each other, the way you held your hand, and the pure joy you had at that moment thanks to the presence of your family members.