Lettere degli sposi – Bride&Groom references

wedding photo in Alto Adige

DARAGH AND LAURA – MERANO – 6th September 2012

We got home from our honeymoon very late last night and woke up this morning
to find an email from Alessandro with a link to our wedding photos. We love
them Rosanna. I never dreamed they would be this good.
I am not a crier but have done nothing but cry, good tears, when looking at the photos. 
We asked Alessandro to capture the feeling of the day, the scenery and to
allow our friends and family to see why we fell in love with Sudtirol and to
be able to make them feel like they were there with us.....and he did just
that. Perfect. He captured the essence of the day, of our love, of the
mountains and gorgeous scenery in a way I never thought possible. He
captured moments I forgot about. I look at the photos and feels like I am
there on the wedding day again. They are amazing.

He did it in such a way that you wouldn't of even have known he was
there....by that I mean it felt like Daragh and I were spending the day
together alone. He wasn't in our face, telling us what to do, how to
stand...he let us be and just photographed us. Without posing us, telling us
how to stand or what way to look, he managed to get gorgeous photos.
Perfect. It seems impossible to me.  But he accomplished it. 

I hate to be photographed Rosanna and wasn't thrilled about hiring a
professional photographer. If you remember, at first I didn't even want him
at the hotel prior to the wedding....no offense to Alessandro. I don't like
cameras in my face, always hate the photos, always have my eyes closed. He
made me feel comfortable around him without me even realizing it. 

The variety of photos and angles and perspective he has his unbelievable. I
have nothing but praise and respect for him and would be happy to be
referral to your other brides.

Also, after our picnic at the hotel he took us out, in his own car, for more
photographs and what turned into a kind of tour of the area. As a result of
this, I feel like Merano is a home of sorts instead of just the town we were
married in. 

Not only did I have a dream wedding but it was also captured in the
photographs. It is nearly too good to be true. 

That is all for now. It is quite late here in Dublin. If you have any
questions let me know. I will be sending you more thanks and emails for
everyone else later in the week. Everything was perfect Rosanna. 

All the best,
Laura and Daragh


guarda le foto – take a look at the pictures



MIKE & VIVIEN – TUSCANY 26th June 2013 nice couple in Piazza del Campo a Siena

Hi Alessandro, Thank you very much for sending the link to our wedding photographs – they are absolutely perfezione and thanks very much to Elena too! We just had the most amazing day and it is so lovely to look through all the photographs. All our friends and family are really wowed by them. Best regards, Vivien and Michael x

guarda le foto – take a look at the pictures